Saturday, May 28, 2011

Computer Evolution by trial and error

Thoughts on Computer Evolution and it's potential uses.

The ever increasing computer power that is at our disposal has rapidly changed the world we live in and our ability to interact with it.  Often, I have researched ideas only to find that the my area of interest has not been fully researched yet.  The most recent occurrence involved a search for computer evolution.  By computer evolution I mean the ability of computers to simulate an environment, insert a central figure, test it's properties against the environment, then change the central figure piece by piece to find the best possible solution to the unique environment.  This could have a huge impact in areas of construction including architecture, aviation, nautical, automobile, etc.

We already have individual pieces to this puzzle.  Here are a few examples of software that may be utilized in the construction of a computer evolution software program.  Auto cad (Computer Aided Design or Computer Aided Drafting),  Seismic simulation software (,  Aviation software (,  Wind Tunnel/fluid dynamics software (

Using an Auto cad type software that has all of the pieces to building a high rise building in combination with Seismic simulation software have the computer evolution software run trial and error tests piece by piece to find the best possible use of materials and structural supports.  The end result being the strongest building the software can come up with or the most economical use of materials for a minimum level of stability.

Using Aviation construction software in combination with wind tunnel software have the computer evolution software run trial and error test piece by piece to find the best design for future aircraft designs.

There must be computer science researchers doing this work now.  If anyone finds any information about this please let me know.

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