Saturday, May 28, 2011

A few thoughts on Healthcare

A person is injured in a hit and run. The suspect is never found. You walk by and find the injured person on the side of the road. You run call an ambulance. The person is rushed to the emergency room and it is found that they are severally injured. The emergency room costs alone are astounding. The ambulance took them to the same hospital you and your family go to. They are treated, released, and sent a bill. They cannot afford to pay this bill and as a result go bankrupt. You incur the cost of this the next time you go to the hospital even if you have insurance. Now this person was very badly damaged by this accident. They can’t get insurance because they have a pre-existing condition. From now on every time they need health care they go to the emergency room because they can’t be turned away.
I have tried to read the recently passed health care bill. I will admit a lot of it seems Greek to me. I am not trying to start a heated argument. I know a lot of my friends hold to a conservative ideology and I do respect them. But if this health care bill is not the answer what is? What is a common sense solution to this problem? My insurance premiums have increased 3 out the past 5 years. I am not at all happy with the system as it currently stands but I have heard no positive solutions to this from anyone. All I have heard are complaints about what the democrats are doing. Please provide the opposing position for this bill. Tort reform will not significantly decrease the cost of health care and it won’t answer the problem for our hypothetical friends in the above paragraph. If we try, we can restart a political dialog that doesn’t involve screaming matches and instead relies on common sense, respect, and reason.

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